How to get clear skin overnight? Scientific proof

Have you ever dreamed of waking up with clear skin? No blackheads on the nose and pores so tight you can barely see them? Vue Deep Clearing Nose Patches have you and your nose covered (literally and metaphorically). Within 6-8 hours, preferably overnight, our mighty patches extract oil and gunk from your skin. These miracle workers employ medical-grade hydrocolloid technology, worshiped by scientists and dermatologists.

No blackheads and no irritation?

We became obsessed with hydrocolloids after we learned what research has to say about them. These single-ingredient patches consistently demonstrate impeccable protection from environmental pollutants and an unparalleled ability to absorb moisture, pus, and other nasties. It’s no surprise that dermatologists have used them for decades when treating severe surgical and burn wounds. A 2021 study analyzed dermatological surgery patients treated with hydrocolloids versus conventional dressings. The examination revealed that almost 75% of respondents enjoyed higher comfort, convenience, and scar appearance of hydrocolloid dressings over others. If this miracle worker can assist with severe wounds, there’s no doubt they can do wonders on your pores and blackheads.

Hydrocolloid patches have a tiny chance of irritating your skin. Made with only one ingredient, our gentle Deep Clearing Nose Patches are self-adhesive and, contrary to other pore strips on the market, do not use extra glues. Additional sticky materials can cause a reaction while applied and damage your skin when removed. 

Need more results?

Plenty of brands on the market offer patches with extra active ingredients. However, we decided to steer clear of them to reduce the risk of skin irritation. Instead of sticking intense actives (salicylic acid, retinol, etc.) on your skin with a patch, we advise you to do exfoliation before applying Deep Clearing Nose Patches. This extra step will bring better results with a much lower risk of irritation. 

But hydrocolloid is extraordinary on their own, and we have more research to prove this. In 2006, a study tested how skin responds to hydrocolloid patches versus conventional types of acne treatment. Within a short period, hydrocolloid patches showed much better effectiveness which included improvements in skin redness, comfort, oiliness, and pigmentation. So if you’re struggling with clogged pores and blackheads, Deep Clearing Nose Patches are a must-try!

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