The latest trend in pimple treatment: meet hydrocolloid patches

Vue Miracle Pimple Patches are your new top method to heal superficial zits. And by saying superficial, we mean the ones that feature a whiteish or a yellowish pus-filled dot surrounded by a red inflammation circle. The ones your (or your patient’s) nails sometimes cannot resist picking at, even though we all know picking is wrong. The great news, utilizing hydrocolloid technology, our patches have a stunning healing effect even on the squeezed spots, helping them heal faster with no scarring. Science agrees. 

The Holy Grail for treating zits?

Research proves (and our customers agree) that hydrocolloid patches speed up the healing process. While supplying your zits with hydration, the hydrocolloid technology sucks moisture and pus from pores, absorbing infections and reducing the possibility of scarring. When attached to your skin, the self-adhesive patches create a protective barrier too. It stops acne-inducing bacteria (cutibacterium acnes) from entering the affected area, preventing further proliferation and infection. This tiny yet powerful sticker also creates a barrier between the poor zit and temptations to pick it, squeeze it and torture it in ways that eventually lead to a scar. 

Need more proof? Here's what scientists say. A 2006 study tested how skin responds to hydrocolloid dressings (a fancy name for our beloved patches) versus conventional types of acne treatment. The results were astonishing. Hydrocolloid patches showed better improvements in skin redness, comfort, oiliness, and pigmentation, proving that the hydrocolloid treatment was more effective! Sounds too good to be true? There is more to hydrocolloids than you know yet. 

Couldn’t resist squeezing that zit? Hydrocolloid has you covered

Even if your fingers could not resist squeezing that agressively looking spot, which appeared at the most inconvenient time possible, it is still not too late to apply the Vue Miracle Pimple Patch. It will help to heal this tiny lesion faster than without it. Surgeons and dermatologists have been utilizing hydrocolloid dressings in wound treatment for decades, and there is research to justify it.

When used on wounds, hydrocolloid patches speed up healing, help relieve pain and protect from environmental pollutants. A 2021 study examined dermatological surgery patients who had experienced hydrocolloid and conventional dressings. The study revealed that almost 75% of respondents rated higher comfort, convenience, and scar appearance of hydrocolloid dressings over others.

After all this research, we can agree that these tiny pimple patches have more than meets the eye. They should become a bathroom cabinet and a handbag staple for unexpected facial emergencies!

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